Fibrous Casing

High abuse and consistent casings
Very strong casings that enable the use of all your equipment capabilities. It also allows you to design and optimize your process achieving higher productivity through consistency.
State of the art shirring
Shirred strands that maximize the length of casing in the industry (T-shirr Max) reducing the number of change overs. Big-bore strands that allow the use of a bigger horn increasing your output and the quality of the product.
Wide range of colours
Enhance your products with the many casing colours available and/or the use of printed casing. As well, many sizes available to better adjust your product to the required diameter.
White Mold Salami
This casing concept provides good casing integrity with white mold growing over long drying times. It maintains good stuffing, and slicing uniformity and allows good peeling without casing disintegration.